• Production Department

    Furniture Production, Processing of semi-finished panels

    STM is the leader in Perignano – Lari (Pisa) and in Italy in processing semi-finished panels and producing custom made furniture for design studios, companies and individuals.

    The production departments work in an area of approximately 5000 m² with spaces organised to best optimise work while at the same time ensuring the safety of personnel.

  • The entire chain of production is constantly monitored by the technical office who carry out the monitoring and quality control of materials in the various working stages.

    The technical office also have close contact with the client and may assess any improvements or different choice of materials. They manage the actual engineering of the project starting with just a simple rough design.

  • Proud of the knowledge we have acquired with the application of increasingly complex 2D-3D software, we are able to carry out the project quickly and meet the specific needs of the client at the same time managing the CNC machinery to guarantee production time and costs.

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  • Production Features

    We can produce semi-finished panels of any kind:

      honeycomb panels
      block-board panels
      plywood panels
      medium density panels

    The panels are obtained with soft machining, both plated and faced, and modelled to obtain any kind of furniture.

  • The wide range of work expresses the company's versatility and can carry out drilling, pantography and shaping work through the use of the most advanced machinery both technically and professionally.

    The specialised personnel are able to carry out various types of work such as working with thicknesses from 8 to 80 mm and up to sizes of 3300 x 1300 mm, applying all types of edges and thicknesses from 0.4 to 2 mm.

  • Furthermore, the use of polyurethane adhesives with a particular high resistance to moisture and class E1 urea glues (in compliance with strict European regulations which limit the emission of formaldehyde to a max. concentration of 0.1 ppm) guarantees a safe furnished environment.

    SFor particular work we also have two PANTOGRAPHY centres which allow us to work with curves and surfaces. In particular, with our 5th axis we are able to create three-dimensional detail on the panels up to 3500 x 2200 mm.

  • Architecture Contracting

    The Architecture contracting service provided by STM is designed to meet the needs of the architects, to entrust the design of the furniture and layout of the interior spaces to a qualified partner.

  • STM: Customised Furnishing Solutions

    Our interior designers are able to design creative and functional design solutions for every type of environment.

  • tecnologia

    Technology, flexibility and readiness to support your projects

    Here you will find past and present, tradition and innovation coexisting in perfect harmony, with an eye toward the future.