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    Creators of Interior Furnishing

    STM Ltd is a company based in Perignano – Lari (Pisa) specialised in the design and creation of interior furnishing.

    Our strength lies in the ability to create furniture which fits perfectly in any environment. Attention to detail is given at all stages, from the design to the working of the materials and from production to the final installation.

  • By choosing STM you are sure to save time and money and will be assisted by a reliable and professional partner who makes use of experienced Contract furnishers.

    Our partners have their own design studios and together with them we can design and produce furnishings for any internal environment such as kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, doors, wardrobes, professional office equipment, hotels and shopping centres.

  • Proud of the knowledge we have acquired with the application of increasingly complex 2D-3D software, we are able to carry out the project quickly and meet the specific needs of the client at the same time managing the CNC machinery to guarantee production time and costs.

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  • STM furnishings - Tradition and Innovation

    STM Ltd has always been a dynamic company, constantly growing since its founder, Vasco Malacarne, one of the pioneers of the 70s in the wood industry, began the activity in Pisa in 1973.

    In almost 40 years of production and business for third parties STM has become known and appreciated for its quality furnishings.

  • Our philosophy is based on traditional values but at the same time we always have an instinctive openness to technological, productive and commercial innovation.

    In a world of fast and continuous evolution we have invested not only in technological progress but also and above all in the human capital professionaly evolved together with the company. This has guaranteed the success of the company and is confirmed by customer satisfaction.

  • Design studios, companies and individuals can expect a high level of service specially designed to meet any need.

    The employees of the company work constantly in Perignano – Lari (Pisa) and throughout the country in diverse and complex working contexts showing wide expertise and versatility. In choosing STM you will have the support of a leading company in the interior furnishings industry.

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    STM S.r.l.
    Via Toscana, 43
    56030 Perignano di Lari (Pisa)
    Tel. +39 0587 616271
    FAX +39 0587 617742
    P.Iva 00195720503

  • STM: Customised Furnishing Solutions

    Our interior designers are able to design creative and functional design solutions for every type of environment.

  • tecnologia

    An area of approximately 5000 m²

    The production departments work in an area of approximately 5000 m² with spaces organised to best optimise work.