• Architecture Contracting

    Architecture Contracting Furnishing Design

    The Architecture contracting service provided by STM is designed to meet the needs of the architects, to entrust the design of the furniture and layout of the interior spaces to a qualified partner.

  • When we work on the design or restructuring of a building it is in fact very important to optimise the work and the resources available, having a top-level partner to rely on.

    The added value of STM is the ability to offer a contract service which allows us to trust to one person the design stages, material processing and installation of the furniture.

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  • STM Furnishing Contract

    Over time we have expanded our portfolio of work which includes furnishing contracts for all environments:

      Hotel furnishing
      Shopping Centre furnishing
      Office furnishing
      Shop furnishing
       Room furnishing

  • We are able to deal with the design of the spaces and elements, providing support for the creation of the furniture when it is cut, worked and built.

    The advantage in terms of time and money for the architect studios is evident. You can count on a professional partner to whom you can entrust the complete realization of the interior spaces of your projects.

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  • STM: Customised Furnishing Solutions

    Our interior designers are able to design creative and functional design solutions for every type of environment.

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    An area of approximately 5000 m²

    The production departments work in an area of approximately 5000 m² with spaces organised to best optimise work.